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DR. OMAR HATAMLEH is the Former Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering at NASA, and former Executive Director of the Space Studies Program at International Space University. Prior to that he was the Deputy Chief Scientist at NASA ARC responsible for identifying new and promising areas of scientific research and supporting technologies that can be integrated into the Center's capabilities. Omar is also the President of the Infinity Institute, a global non-profit Think Tank tasked with developing disruptive solutions for healthcare. Omar has been at NASA for 23 years in different roles, and has published over 33 international journal articles in Engineering. Omar has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and recognitions from NASA including the Silver Achievement Medal, NASA Innovation, and Superior Achievement Awards. He has four engineering degrees, speaks four languages, and has been an invited keynote speaker to multiple national and international events including major innovation conferences, Google, IBM, European Investment Fund, etc.

DR. GEORGE A. TILESCH is a senior global innovation and AI expert who is a conduit and trusted advisor between the US and EU ecosystems, specializing in AI Strategy, Ethics, Impact, Policy, and Governance. Most recently, he was Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for Global Affairs at Ipsos, a global Top 3 research firm, where he led the Digital Impact & Governance research and advisory practice and coordinated AI thought leadership. His global senior executive and strategy consulting leadership track record span decades with government leaders worldwide; Microsoft and Fortune 50 Tech corporations; international organizations and global think tanks; startups/scaleups; and global social innovation leaders. A senior consultant and frequent keynote speaker at major innovation conferences and a guest lecturer at US and EU universities, George is leading an AI Policy Working Group for Club De Madrid-World Leadership Alliance on AI, Trust & Democracy and is involved in multiple World Economic Forum Experts Groups, designing AI government strategy, and AI regulatory frameworks.




AI is here, impacting our world to a great extent: therefore, we focus on the now and the near-term trajectories. The depth of this coming transformation is unprecedented across industries, disciplines, societies and makes us revisit fundamental questions of humanity. It will test our ability to adapt and may also trigger a higher level of attention to lessons from nature.


AI is the core of exponential Tech transformation, but it is more: it will serve as the most important driver and instrument of power redistribution in the 21st century. We are investigating AI’s power both in principles and through its applications, in a balanced way. The primary question of our age is: whose image will AI take?


The "inbetween-ness" of our age also equals an opportunity to make clear choices on what kind of AI we as a society want; what should be its public-interest purpose, and what choices and actions will take us there. Through this book, you are invited to steer a humanistic course for augmented intelligence, driven by conscience and consciousness.

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